In the light of the fact that we always shall do our utmost, our strategy is based on punctual care.

As our concept aims to serve the majority of people, the product needs low price level and to realize the vision to create well-being at office, it is a prerequisite that we combine uniform quality with low prices. That is why we manufacturer in Asia without any intermediary.

For your precaution, we base our product development and quality control system on European values. Attach to that, we also offer 2 - 5 years of warranty.

To provide logistic flexibility we have a distinct preference for telescopic frames, which are simple, pre-assembled and straightforward.

Deliveries, right on time and without transit damages, imply that we prefer to deliver full loaded containers.

Strategic alliance

From our headquarter in Denmark, we manage the sales organization in Europe.

In 2013 we entered a strategic alliance with TiMOTION.

We have joined the best of 2 continents: China’s international capability in manufacturing and Europe’s skills in design and values of quality.

Therefore, we offer electrical height adjustable frames, which have been developed and designed in Europe and manufactured in China, supervised under European values regarding quality control.

A part of TiMOTION group