Semi pre assembled sit to stand frame including the control box

Semi pre assembled sit stand desk - Solo

Ergonomic frames with Scandinavian attitude, 1 motor and a stroke of 500 mm.

This electrical height adjustable frame has only 1 motor and still we have incorporated features such as anti-collision, low standby power and low noise level as simply standard.

2 legs solution

This electrical height adjustable frame has only 1 motor and a stroke of 500 mm - it goes from 675 mm to 1175 mm in the height and in length the telescopic frame covers table tops from 1100 mm to 1700 m.

Solo is a unique semi pre assembled silent solution which reduces your assembly time on location.

Cable tray

dongle for sensi touch

Column - Solo


70 x 70 - 60 x 60 mm


500 mm

Column height

645 mm

Max. load, both columns

90 kg, equally divided on complete frame

Speed, 0-80 kg load

32 mm/sec

Duty cycle

10%, max 2 min. run/18 min. stop

Ambient temperature

0 - 45 C

Control box TC11 (SPM-72C)

Dimension (L x W x H)

228 x 66 x 38,2 mm


0,52 kg

Rated input

AC 100 - 240V 50Hz, 3A

Rated output

29V, 2.5A

Max load

90 kg

Anti collision, including drive back 40 mm


Power consumption in standby

< 0.1 W

Power consumption in use

180 W

Duty cycle

10%, Max 2 min. run / 18 min. stop

Connection of actuators

1 Pcs.


10.000 cycles

Safety functions

Overload protection
Overheat protection

Soft start / stop function


Exchangeable AC cable


Handset - Up/down

Due to a little dot on one of the buttons, you feel the difference between up and down.
Press both buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. Continue pressing the buttons until both columns are in lowest position. When finish reset, the buzzer makes a sound and the buttons can be released. Now the system is operational.

Handset - Programmeable

The programmeable handset support 4 memory positions.
Operate the desk to preferred height.
Press any of ①②③④ together with up or down button for 2 seconds to store the current height. Display shows P1/P2/P3/P4 when the position has been stored.

When there is position stored, hold the button ①②③④ until the desk reaches the stored height.

Stored postion can only be overwritten, not to be cleared.

Handset - Customized

Based upon large quantity, it is possible to buy customer designed handset.
It might be possible to use a handset from another manufacturer, but please note, that the warranty will no longer apply.