Upon request, we are pleased to submit the technical dossier covering test reports, certificates, data sheet, user guide, assembly manual and declaration of conformity.

Nordic Ecolabel

In case you want to "swan-labelling" your end product we have already prepared all answers.

GS mark

We have already certified Easy at TÜV Rheiland, in order for our customer to GS mark the final product.



Since we are manufacturer of partly completed equipment and not a manufacturer of complete equipment, the directive does not directly cover us.
Nevertheless, we mark our products with the crossed out wheel bin, as our products often are the only electric components mounted on end-users applications.
By marking our products, we ensure that it is only the WEEE that is sent for recycling and not the entire application (height adjustable table).


Despite height adjustable tables, so far, are not covered by RoHS notification, we have tested all components and parts, including the packaging.
These tests demonstrate that the complete frame is RoHS compatible, and are now part of our Technical Dossier.